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Basic features of the machine :

  • 10 or 8 colour gearless , sleeve system for printing widths up to 2000 mm.
  • 2500 mm. OD CI drum
  • Engineered to work with both solvent and water based inks
  • Repeats up to 840 mm. , for the ES 32 version
  • Repeats up to 1300 mm., for the ES50 version ( with OD CI 2900)
  • Speed up to 450 mpm , in the basic version
  • Higher speeds can be supplied upon customer's demand
  • Carbon fiber doctor blades
  • Multi profile high efficiency drying system (patent pending )
  • PLC controlled wash-up system, totally automatic , one pump
  • PROFIBUS and CANBUS protocols


The most unique innovative flexo press in the world

Gearless sleeved flexo press .

No more screws .

Totally controlled by field bus technology

FlexoElite is the only flexo press in the world where the printing cylinders and the anilox rollers are moved by

electromagnetic field

The press does not use rotary motors and the press does not use ball screws anymore thus eliminating any form of backlash and mechanical inaccuracies typical of other machines in the market.

Additional features :

EASYLOCK ( patented) Fully automatic sleeve changeover system.

LINEARSET (patented ) Electromagnetic field to move print cylinders and anilox rollers.

CT Phaser . The automatic register correcting system (patent pending) to avoid the pressman to adjust the register manually by himself , when necessary.

New wash-up installation and solvent regeneration circuit. You don't have to bother anymore for the quantity of dirty solvent you use , and don't have to worry of disposing of it. We are able to "clean" your used , dirty solvent and make it available for your next wash-up.

The new drying system based on lower air velocity , more air depression and turbulence for a superior drying performance.